One Of The Greats: My Goodbye To Steve Jobs

07 Oct

I spent most of the day yesterday wrestling with the idea of writing this post. I mean, this is a business page, essentially, not my personal page. Things like this post belong on my personal page if I’m honest. But I want to share with you, my readers, my thoughts on one of the greatest men I never knew.

I didn’t know Steve Jobs personally. I’m not that important. Until a few years ago, I didn’t know much about his public persona, either. He just wasn’t in my sphere of relevance. When I was lucky enough to finally own a computer, it was a hand-me-down IBM. I’ve owned Windows-based machines ever since.

To this day the only Apple product I own is a first gen iPod. I pound out my daily word quota on a Compaq laptop with a Logitech wireless keyboard using an open source word processing program. I still don’t have an iPhone; I use a Palm.

I’m not saying this to invite hate mail, but to demonstrate how much I shouldn’t miss Steve Jobs. To show how he shouldn’t be part of my world. Yet he is. Every time I spend an hour formatting a paragraph only to have it come undone when I transfer the file, I think of Steve. Every time I stare at the not-quite-right graphics on my desktop, I think of Steve.

Every time I think I’m not smart enough, not educated enough, not connected enough to make a go of being a success, I think of Steve and Woz in that garage, building a product that wasn’t just “good enough.”

Thank you, Steve. Because of you, your vision, and your dreams, I have the power to stay hungry, and stay foolish.

~ Merry

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