Day Twenty-Eight

28 Jan

Training to Run The Rock

Today marks the end of Week 2 in my 46 week plan. According to I did 7.16 miles this week, for a total of 14.77 miles and 5.8 hours. According to my bathroom scale I’ve lost 1.6 pounds this week. Not bad for someone who hasn’t exercised in well over a year, and hasn’t gone for a walk or run/jog in over 2 years.

(Can I just say, I have no idea what the difference between running and jogging is. Is it speed? Effort? Ego? Or is this like the great “trade paperback” versus “graphic novel” debate?)

Today is my Rest Day, meaning no treadmill at all. This, by the way, is much harder than I anticipated. Now that I have the treadmill, I want to work out. Tomorrow I’ll start Week 3 with a nice slow 2 mile walk (I’ll be reading Chuck Wendig’s Double Dead, which I’ll talk about next week). Monday, I’ll increase my running intervals from 60 seconds to 90 seconds, and my walking intervals from 90 seconds to 2 minutes.

I’m thinking about increasing my running speed from 4 mph to 4.5 mph, but I won’t make that decision until Wednesday. The more I think about it, the less I like the idea of bumping the speed. I think if anything will burn me out on this plan it will be going too fast too soon.

That said, I did increase my warm-up speed and my off-day walking speed. In both cases I felt like I was just plodding along, not exercising. It also made my back hurt way up between my shoulder blades, which makes me think my body was actively working against the treadmill. I expect certain aches and pains, but that really sent up red flags.

I love the convenience of having the treadmill in my office. It takes away all my silly excuses, and I don’t feel like it’s taking away from my productivity. When I do my off-day walks, I read on my Nook and listen to Pandora Radio. On my walk/jog days, I listen to podcasts (I can’t read and run at the same time without getting a migraine). I can do arm exercises while I walk and not have a panic attack like I did at the park. (Because waving your arms around is embarrassing and THE OTHER PEOPLE MIGHT BE WATCHING YOU AND LAUGHING AT YOU!!!) (Yes, I know they probably weren’t paying me a bit of attention. Try telling that to my anxiety disorder, thanks.)

That’s the absolute best part right there. I can get a good work-out and look ridiculous waving my arms around. I can groove to my music or laugh out loud at a podcast. I can have fun and I don’t have to worry about keeping a lid on the crazy. And without the crazy, I feel free.

Countdown to the Make The Break 5K: 9 weeks
Countdown to the Heels and Hills 10K: 14 weeks
Countdown to the White Rock Marathon: 44 weeks

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