Day Thirty

30 Jan

I had a weird morning, and I ran out of time working on another project to write a good post for today, so instead I thought I’d show you some of the stuff that caught my attention. Yes, boys and girls, it’s time once again for the dreaded


By the way, if you follow me on Twitter (@merrymahaffey) you’ve already seen most of these links in your feed. But stick around, because there might be a few surprises.

First up, “The Aucilla Sinks” by Julien Dykes Devane over on Shotgun Honey. If you’re not familiar, Shotgun Honey is an online mag serving up bite-sized nuggets of crime fiction. Hardboiled Noir.  A new story every few days. Nothing over 700 words. Nothing mediocre. Yeah, sometimes it’s gross, but it’s crime fiction – it’s kinda supposed to be. This isn’t full of fluffiness, folks. (Alliteration is fun!)

“The Aucilla Sinks” is no exception. A brilliant little nugget of bloody goodness. Just enough to whet your appetite. Or, at least mine. I want to hear more of this story. I want to know what the protagonist does next. I want to know what led the protag to that particular point. I want back story. I want more. And if your tastes are in any way similar to mine, you will want more too.

Julien Dykes Devane has another story on SH: “The Bleu Saloon.” Be sure to check it out.

Next is a guest blog on The Crime Factory by Thomas Pluck titled “Warning: Contains Language.” The post is a well-written argument discussing the use of strong language and expletives in fiction, particularly crime fiction. Read it and draw your own conclusions. Me, I agree with him. A weak story won’t magically become stronger just because you pepper it with f-bombs. conversely, a strong story isn’t necessarily weakened by ‘shit,’ ‘piss,’ or ‘fuck.’ Unless you’re writing for certain specific markets. I’m pretty sure YA publishers frown on stuff like that.

Next, an eye-opening post on Do Some Damage by Brian Lindenmuth titled “Dads Aren’t Second Class Parents and Boys Aren’t Second Class Readers.” Certain parts had me in tears, other parts had me shaking my fist, still others had me nodding in vehement agreement. He talks about the injustice being done to entire generations of males. It made me a little sick and a lot angry. A really well-written piece that you should take the time to read though. Maybe, just maybe, if enough of us get angry, we can do something about it.

Then we have a pair of tweets from Jaye Wells. Check her out on Twitter. She’s funny and sweet and a Texan. Can’t go wrong.
Tweet 1
Tweet 1
Tweet 2
Tweet 2

Well said, Mrs. Wells.

Obligatory Terribleminds mention: Chuck Wendig is giving away his novella “Shotgun Gravy” for the next few days on Amazon. Check out today’s post for details. Again, if you’re tastes line up with mine, you’ll love this story. What I most look forward to, however, is Chuck’s assessment of the KDP Select program at the end of the 90-day ‘experiment.’

(At the end of his post, Chuck links to a post by David Kazzie: “How Amazon’s KDP Select Saved My Book.” A good read about the latest of an ever-growing list of options for the self-publisher.)

I love John Scalzi. Especially when he writes stuff like this and this.

I follow several webcomics: PvP, xkcd, Girls With Slingshots to name a few. My newest obsession? The Fox Sister. Beautifully drawn and a really good story. It’s only 36 pages in, but those pages are amazing. I highly recommend it.

Last but not least: Adam Savage singing a tear-jerker at w00tstock the other night. Seriously. Listen to the lyrics and have a tissue handy. (There are also a ton more videos from the show uploaded by YouTube user retrogradeheart. Great quality video of some amazingly funny people. Check ’em out.)

That’s all I have for you today. Hopefully I’ll have some good news for you tomorrow. Until then, be good to each other.

PS: I didn’t include this up there because I haven’t had time to read and digest it. There is a great uproar on Twitter today because of comments made by Jonathan Franzen in an article in The Telegraph about the future of print books. He goes so far as to say that “e-books are damaging society.” I would encourage you to read the articles, and the numerous rebuttals (like the one from Scalzi that I linked above), and come to your own conclusions.

(Let me know if any of the links go wonky. I had some trouble from a couple of them, and I’m trying to keep them in line.)

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