Day Forty

09 Feb

Thanks to climate change and springtime in Texas, my sinus are slowly trying to kill me. Hooray allergies. As a result, I spent most of the day yesterday in bed watching cartoons and ST:TNG re-runs. When my DVR reserves ran out, I switched to On Demand movies. Hundreds of choices, few of them good. I had run through the entire list, flipped past every offering, and was beginning to despair when I saw it, just sitting there, waiting for me.


No, I’ve never seen it before. You have to keep in mind that I was an infant when it premiered. I wasn’t actively avoiding it, either. As a matter of fact, I refused to see Tron: Legacy because I wanted to see Tron first. I might be three decades behind, but I’m still a purest. Besides, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. How can a movie in which the characters spend most of their time in white spandex unitards be good? So good, in fact, that it’s reached cult classic status and they make a sequel nearly thirty years later? To say I was skeptical is fair, but I was willing to give it a mostly unbiased shot.

Oh my spaghetti monster.

I would hereby like to submit a formal apology to all geeks, nerds, and sci-fi fans: I’m sorry I didn’t trust you. I’m sorry I didn’t give this movie a chance sooner.

I thought it was amazing. Cheesy, sure, but in that feel-good 80’s-movie way. It just looks cool, all the way through. Though I didn’t expect it, I found myself emotionally invested in the characters. I teared-up when Ram died. I gasped audibly when Sark’s carrier crashed into the solar sailer. I smiled when Tron destroyed the MCP.

This movie has definitely earned a spot on my go-to movie list, added to the ranks with The Fifth Element and Serenity. I’m ashamed it took me so long to give it a chance.

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