Day Forty-Two

11 Feb

Training to Run the Rock

Week 4 of 46 has drawn to a close. MapMyFitness reports a total of 11.49 miles in 3.93 hours this week, making the grand total 36.29 miles in 13.48 hours. Unfortunately, I gained back all the weight I lost last week, bringing me back to 1.6 pounds lost overall.

I’m so exhausted, I can’t concentrate. What I thought was minor allergy stuff has become a sinus infection. The pressure behind my eyes is making it really hard to focus, so this will be short and sweet.

I didn’t hit my goal for this week. I’m not sleeping well, and that has made me lethargic. I can’t muster the will power to push myself in my workout. Plus, it doesn’t seem wise to push on in training when I feel this bad. I’ll end up injured and/or frustrated.

I’ve decided to repeat this week and move the schedule back a week. The closer I get to the 5K, the easier it will be to “catch up.” Right now I need to focus on my health.

This shift in the schedule shouldn’t have an effect on my race goals. I am still planning on running the Make the Break 5K at the end of March. It just might be at a considerably slower pace than I anticipated.

Countdown to the Make The Break 5K: 7 weeks
Countdown to the Free To Breathe 10K: 14 weeks
Countdown to the White Rock Marathon: 42 weeks

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