Day Forty-Four

13 Feb

Today was my first day at the arts and crafts big box. What a long day. I’ve forgotten how tiring doing nothing is.

I spent three solid hours watching training videos. When I say videos, I mean videos – VHS tapes on the last working VCR in North America. Some of the tapes were produced in 2002, which doesn’t sound too bad until you realize that was a decade ago. A decade. Since 2002. Maybe it’s just me and the massive amount of sinus medication I’m on, but I had trouble wrapping my head around that one.

After the mind-numbingly bad videos, I spent an hour reading the associate handbook with my manager watching. Yes, she sat and watched me read for an hour. I have no idea why. She helped me fill out the orientation quizzes and watched me sign a dozen forms, then it was time for lunch.

When I came back, I finally got to work with custom frames. It’s weird what I remember and what I don’t. Some of it came back without a thought – simple muscle memory. Some of it will take time and practice. I was up-front with my managers about my ability and my concerns. Yes, I’ve done the job before, but that was years ago. My store manager and department manager told me they weren’t concerned, that they are confident I’ll pick it up quickly. That’s nice to know.

I realized on the way home that this doesn’t feel real yet. The more I thought about it, the more I understood it is because I’m not anxious about the position. I’m not nervous. I know I can do this job, and do it well. I have just slipped into the position, without the normal awkward stage. I’m sure there’s some deeper meaning there, but right now I’m too tired to figure out what it would be.

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