Day Sixty-Six

06 Mar

A few days ago (Day Sixty-Four), I talked about my monumental journey through five years of VlogBrothers videos. What I didn’t talk about is all the other cool stuff I found along the way. This, then, is the video edition of the weekly linkodactylus. (I’m running out of link- suffixes! Help!)

There are other, better recordings of this song, but I love this one for the scenes from ST:TNG. Also, it’s one of my life goals to see Hank sing this just so I can sing “there were four lights” at the top of my lungs.

There are so many reasons to love this video, not least of which is the awkwardness of watching Hank rap. (I say that with love.) This song has become my running mantra – it’s a good thing to keep reminding myself, and it’s almost the perfect pace for my upcoming race. So, if you see me at the Make the Break 5K on March 31, that’s what I’ll be saying under my breath. I’m not cursing, I promise.

The best part about this song (other than the fact that it’s a song about particle physics) is that he never sings it that slow ever again. You can witness the phenomenon here, here, here, and here.

“I wanted time away from the internet and my life, time to write… To concentrate you must be prepared to face the terrifying specter of boredom without fear.” I’ve never thought of it summed up in that way, but that’s exactly how it feels. Which makes me realize just how much fear I’m living with at the moment.

“It’s worth remembering that seven hundred years later we don’t remember the individuals who built the belfry or dug the canals. We don’t remember their political affiliations or even their nationalistic identities. We remember them as a collective, just as we ourselves will be remembered as a collective for what we did and failed to do together.” I could write paragraphs about that last sentence. Matter of fact, I might do just that.

I love all of the Question Tuesday videos, but this one, especially. Well, I like all of it, but from 1:54 to 2:21 is my favorite bit. “The Venn diagram of boys who don’t like smart girls and boys you don’t want to date is a circle.” Should be shouted from the rooftops.

Katherine Green, Hank’s wife, with an amazing acoustic cover of Rancid’s “Olympia WA.” Very few people give me goosebumps when they sing; Katherine is one of the very few. I’m not ashamed to say I prefer this version to the actual song.

Alan Lastufka, co-founder of DFTBA Records, is crazy talented. Renaissance-man talented. This poem is hauntingly beautiful. This is one of the videos I need to play when that self-doubt monster attacks me.

This video comes with a tissue warning: grab a tissue because you’re going to need one. Ransom Riggs, New York Times bestselling author, talks about his hobby of collecting photographs and the stories he finds there. This is my main argument against digital photography: you can’t flip over the file and see what’s written on the back. I’m afraid we’re losing the stories.

Painful confession: I hate that I have missed the amazing, talented people in the community of YouTube. I hate that it took me years to discover this pool of brilliant people like Laurena Segura. How rich my life could have been, will be now. I beg you to check out her other videos, especially Fireflies of Montreal.

Lindsey is awesome. This video is about the emotional connections we form with fictional characters. I have had this conversation with my close friends – who we have emotional bonds to and why we form such connections, as if it suggests some deficiency in our real lives or what impact it has on our concept of reality. I should add that I’m the youngest of my circle of friends by a decade and I’ll turn thirty-one in a few weeks, so this isn’t just a hormonal-teenage-girl phenomenon. I’ve talked about this on my other blog, and I won’t go into it too much here except to say that this is something that fascinates me.

This one is a bit longer but completely worth it. It’s hilariously historical. The songs are great. The acting is brilliant. Everything about this video makes me happy. And I really love the maids’s shoes.

That’s all for this week’s linkstration in video form. Hope you enjoyed it. If you enjoyed the video, consider subscribing to the channel or giving the video a thumb up. It’s the least you can do to let the artist know you enjoy their work.

I don’t know if I’ll do this every week, but I won’t rule it out. If you like it, let me know. If you hate it, let me know. If I missed something you think is amazing and should be included, send me a link and I’ll check it out. Comments are the best, but you can always catch me on Twitter (@merrymahaffey) and through email: merry dot mahaffey at gmail dot com.

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