Day Seventy-Five

15 Mar

Holy crap, y’all! Joss and company are doing a Dr. Horrible sequel!

According to Wired:

Whedon, who didn’t offer much detail on the plot of the new iteration of the web series, said the biggest roadblock to unleashing a Dr. Horrible sequel — besides his need to get back into songwriting mode — has been aligning everyone’s schedules for the next installment of the indie hit.

(Full article here.)

I love Dr. Horrible for so many reasons. It is my all-time favorite internet production, narrowly beating out Felicia Day’s webseries The Guild. (For the record, The Variants – from the crew at Zeus Comics – comes in a close third.)

I don’t have too much for you today. I’m afraid if I stay on here too long I’ll start ranting, and no one wants that. So instead of unleashing the pent-up word fury, I’m going to go curl up with a piece of pie and a good book. Tomorrow will be a better day.

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