Day Seventy-Seven

17 Mar

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Week 9 has come to a close. This week was tough for me personally, but great for my workout. I think I’ve finally learned to take out my frustration on the treadmill. This week I did 11.3 miles in 3.32 hours, for a total of 78.97 miles in 26.573 hours. My weight is finally heading in the right direction: I lost 4.8 pounds for an overall loss of 6.0 pounds!!

Before you start freaking out and telling me that’s too much weight in one week, consider a few things: 2 weeks ago I moved from 3 runs a week to 4 and I added an upper-body workout to my schedule. On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday I run; on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I do 20 – 30 minutes of upper-body strength training; Sunday I do a short run or long walk. According to MapMyFitness, I’ve done 60% more in the last 2 weeks than I did the previous weeks. I’m doing the work and I’m losing weight. That was the goal in the first place.

It hit me last week that I had lost sight of that goal. I got the treadmill because I wanted to get healthy. I knew that to keep myself motivated, I needed a tangible goal. I’ve wanted to do the White Rock Marathon for years, so that was the first thing I thought of as something I could work toward. To keep myself motivated, I picked shorter races I could use as progress markers. Somewhere along the way, it became more about the races and less about the weight loss. I guess I assumed I would lose the weight in the natural course of training, but that didn’t happen.

I’m back on track now, paying close attention to what I eat and drink and how much I move during the day. Instead of sitting at the computer for hours at a time, I stand and stretch every 20 minutes. I park farther from the front door at the grocery store. While I wait for my cup of coffee to brew, I do standing ab crunches. All these little things are adding up.

I’m getting pretty nervous about the race in 2 weeks. I’m not where I want to be in terms of time and pace, and I don’t think I’ll get there in the time I have left. I think my biggest concern is the amount of people who will be there. I don’t do well with crowds. I get embarrassed easily. My anxiety level is spiking just thinking about it. I’m hoping that once I get there, I’ll be able to settle into a groove and tune out everything that is going on around me. That and the thought of my daughter and my friends waiting for me at the finish line will keep me focused.

Countdown to the Make The Break 5K: 2 weeks!!
Countdown to the Free To Breathe 10K: 9 weeks
Countdown to the Too Hot to Handle 15K: 17 weeks
Countdown to the White Rock Marathon: 37 weeks

Unrelated post-script: The Kickstarter drive for Bait Dog, the sequel to Shotgun Gravy, is in its last hours. We are less than $600 from getting not one but two Atlanta Burns novels! Will you help push it over the line?

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