Day Eighty-Five

25 Mar

Holy crap, you guys! I have a race in six days!

Now that I have that out of my system…

This week is going to be big. I have the race on Saturday, the three-month mark for this year-long blog experiment on Friday, my daughter’s fourth birthday and my thirty-first birthday on Thursday. I’ve been thinking about the function of this blog, both as an outlet for my writing and in terms of my career. I’ve come up with a few changes I want to make.

Starting Monday, April 2nd, there will be a more rigid structure to the daily topics. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday won’t change much, but Tuesday and Thursday will no longer be “whatever comes to mind to write about” days.

Here’s what the week will look like:

Monday: Lots o’ Links – What started as something I did to save time has become the most popular thing on here. I honestly don’t know how I feel about that.

Tuesday: I have a few ideas, but I haven’t concretely decided yet.

Wednesday: Reviews – Not just book reviews, but short stories, movies, television, online series, almost any type of media. I’ll tell you what I like, don’t like, and why, as well as where you can get it.

Thursday: Gaming – I have almost zero experience gaming, but it is something I know I would enjoy if I had a chance. This will be my totally n00b take on games of all kinds.

Friday: Fiction – I”m holding myself to a ‘one story a week’ schedule. Most of them will be Flash Fiction challenges, limited to around 1000 words. Some might be longer as time goes on. Most will be original concept, but fanfic might pop up every now and then. Regardless, each Friday I will have a new story of at least 500 words.

Saturday: Running – My weekly running progress report will continue as I train my way to the White Rock Marathon.

Sunday: Reader’s Choice – Simple enough, you give me a topic and I write about it. An article, an op-ed, a Q & A, whatever you want. More details about this next week.

There you have it. Not quite done with it yet. Tuesday’s topic is still up in the air. But I think a new structure will keep me on task, “fucosed” as some would say. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions for what I can do on Tuesdays, or a topic idea for Sunday, please contact me. You can leave a comment here, catch me on Twitter (@merrymahaffey), or send me an email (merry dot mahaffey at gmail dot com).

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