Day Eighty-Nine

29 Mar

Happy birthday, my angel.

Another long, weird day today. I slept in until 8 o’clock, which is about three hours late for me. I lazed around and drank coffee for a few hours. My legs and joints are super sore from yesterday’s workout, so I decided to take it easy and not risk an injury. I did my upper body and core workout instead of taking off for the park again. I never thought I’d say it, but I honestly didn’t mind doing push-ups on my birthday.

After my workout, I took off for a bit of shopping. My parents’s present to me was new running shoes. I’ve been looking for a few weeks, trying to get an idea of what I want versus what will work for me and my budget. I ended up at Lady Foot Locker, where a wonderful young man named Silas helped me find the perfect pair of shoes.

These things are so light. I can hardly wait until I get to start breaking them in next week.

Next I was off to find a present for my daughter. I’ve been collecting stuff for her for a bit, but I needed something to top it all off. I recently found my old Playstation (a 2001 model PS1), and thought she might like some of the old games. The PS1 is a great intro system, if solely for the simplicity of the controller.

The only place to find PS1 games in my town is a store that deals almost exclusively in used games. Considering the system is a decade out of date, their selection is small. I all but cleaned them out. The only games I left on the shelves were sports or fighting games. Nothing against sports or fighting games, but I have no interest in them and my daughter is four. She has the attention span of a caffeinated, hyper-active gnat.

I got lucky, though. I found a few discs that were collections of games, either classic arcade games or Atari games. I think she will enjoy these older, simpler games. Of course, I “tested” them for her, made sure they were working properly, and lost nearly an hour playing The Tower of Duraga and Enduro.

After I picked up the games, I stopped by the bakery for her Cinderella birthday cake then headed home. I thought I made pretty good time, but everyone was there waiting for me. Oops. We opened presents, ate an early dinner and too much birthday cake, and played video games until the kiddo fell asleep in her chair. Too much excitement for one day.

Tomorrow I’m doing a whole bunch of nothing, which will probably involve spending too much time on YouTube and trying not to have a pre-race panic attack. Here’s hoping I don’t have to break out the anxiety pills.

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