Day Ninety-Five

04 Apr

In keeping with this week’s theme of change, I’m taking a temporary break from book reviews. Instead, I want to share with you a fantastic new web series, Squaresville.

Squaresville is the story of suburban teens trying to make it through life while staying true to themselves. As it says on the tin: “a new series about growing up square.”

The series follows Esther and Zelda, best friends firmly planted as far from the “cool crowd” as possible. The show is quick – funny and serious in the same breath. It’s full of emotion without being angsty or whiny. The dialogue is sharp and witty, on par with the likes of Gilmore Girls and 30 Rock. The thing that struck me the most, though, is how honest it is.

I grew up as the geek, the nerd, the social outcast. I felt that what I wanted out of life was bigger than the town I lived in, and I couldn’t wait to go out and have the adventure of “real life”. In so many ways, Esther and Zelda are “high school me”, or the me I wish I was cool enough to be back then. The me that thought I was capable of conquering the world.

The show’s stars, Mary Kate Wiles as Zelda and Kylie Sparks as Esther, are brilliant. They make all the right choices that make the characters endearing and genuine. The line that most defines the relationship between these girls comes near the end of the first episode:

Esther: “You don’t even know what you want.”
Zelda: “That doesn’t mean I don’t still want it.”

It’s a beautiful moment, and I’m not ashamed to say I teared-up a bit.

This show has made a big impression on me, and they are only on their second episode. If you are a geek girl, know a geek girl, or like geek girls, you will enjoy this show.

Squaresville is exclusively on YouTube. Check out their channel, and let them know you like the show by subscribing. New episodes are uploaded every Friday, and behind the scenes content goes up all the time. Seriously, keep an eye on this show – you won’t be disappointed.

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