Day One Hundred & Four

13 Apr

My entry to Script Frenzy this year is a set of episodes for the animated series Teen Titans. Today for Fiction Friday I’m giving you a peek at one of my very rough scripts. Please to enjoy.

(Please note that when I say “rough”, I mean “first pass, no editing, no stopping to spell-check or worry about format”. This is about as raw as you can get. So no judging.)



Alarm continues to sound and flash. ROBIN is facing away from us, typing away at the center computer, staring up at the giant screen. On the giant screen, eight to twelve boxes showing different camera angles around Titan’s Tower – hallways, garage (with T-Car), hanger (with T-Jet), training area, basketball court, front door, etc. We see nothing out of the ordinary from every camera except the ones trained on the front door.

Turn to see ROBIN’s face, eyes narrowed, and over his shoulder we see the other Titans rush into the room. We hear keystrokes, and the blaring alarm stops, though the flashing red light continues. The other Titans are in varying states of alarm and sleep: CYBORG is alert and ready to fight; STARFIRE is awake and concerned, mouth open, eyes wide; RAVEN is calm as always; BEAST BOY is barely awake.

Who ordered the wake-up call?

Turn back to the screen. More keystrokes and the view from the front door camera is embiggened.

We’ve got company.

On the screen we see CINDERBLOCK pounding on the door with both fists. We hear a faint thump in correlation with his movements.

Could he not wait for (yawns) morning?

He’ll never get through those doors. They’re triple-bonded titanium. He’s wasting his-

The doors crash open.


Titans, go!

The Titans run from the room, and show up in


…seconds later, just as CINDERBLOCK crosses the threshold.

They attack him all at the same time. STARFIRE flies in and starts throwing starbolts…

Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh!

…while CYBORG shoots his sonic arm cannon…

Let’s see how you like the sound of this! Hah!

…while RAVEN uses her mind to pick up chairs and throw them at him…

Azerath metrion zinthos!

…while BEAST BOY changes into a triceratops and charges at him…

…while ROBIN jumps and flips his way to CINDERBLOCK’s shoulders and starts punching and kicking him.

Hyah! Huh! Ooh! Huh! Ha!

CINDERBLOCK fights them off, blocking STARFIRE’s starbolts and CYBORG’s blast with his arms, knocking BEAST BOY aside with a blow to his ribs, batting away the chairs RAVEN throws. He grabs ROBIN off his shoulder and throws him against the back wall. RAVEN catches ROBIN with her mind before he falls to the ground. STARFIRE flies around CINDERBLOCK’s head, throwing starbolts. CYBORG fires his sonic arm cannon again and again, hitting CINDERBLOCK in the arms, torso, head. BEAST BOY shakes off the stun he got from hitting the wall. CINDERBLOCK waves off the attack and roars.


He is punching wildly, aiming for STARFIRE as she flies around his head. He smashes his fists into the ground, right where CYBORG had been standing seconds before. BEAST BOY changes into a bird, flies high above CINDERBLOCK’s head, changes into an elephant and falls, hitting CINDERBLOCK but not taking him down.

From the back wall, RAVEN is making sure ROBIN is okay. He shakes his head vigorously and jumps up to head back into the fight when the alarms go off again.

He flips open his communicator. We see a grid pattern, representing city streets, and a small ‘S’ in a black circle.

We see ROBIN holding the communicator, RAVEN standing with him, looking at the communicator in his hand with an incredulous look on her face.


ROBIN nods, puts away the communicator and says

Titan! Trouble at the observatory! Let’s go!

CYBORG looks over his shoulder at ROBIN as he shoots CINDERBLOCK in the knee.

You and Raven go on. We’ll take care of Blockhead and catch up!

ROBIN nods. He and RAVEN run past the melee and out the doors into the night.


The thing I’m finding most challenging is making sure the fight scenes stay true to the characters’s styles. I don’t have a lot of experience with fight scenes as it is, so it’s been fun watching and studying them over and over. I wrote this scene before I really studied the show, so it will be heavily edited at some point in the future. It goes against what the characters would do.

That makes it sound like I’m using this as a character study, and I suppose on certain levels I am. I’m also doing this – writing episodes of a canceled cartoon – to write things I have no experience in, such as fight scenes. So far, it has been a fun challenge.

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