Day One Hundred & Five

14 Apr

Training to Run the Rock

We have come to the end of Week 13 of 46. This week I did 8.03 miles in 1.285 hours, bringing my total to 112.58 miles in 35.012 hours. My weight loss flat-lined this week with just 0.2 pounds lost for a total of 8.4 pounds gone so far.

I had a major allergy attack hit me Tuesday night. I spent all of Wednesday and most of Thursday doped up on Benedryl, watching television and playing video games. I did manage to get my scheduled workouts in, but my diet consisted mostly of comfort food and leftover Easter candy. That said, I’m not too concerned with the lack of weight loss. I know I can make it up when I’m feeling better and can resist shoving handfuls of chocolate in my mouth.

My new shoes are making a big difference in my running routine. They are so much lighter than my old trainers, they’ve made a noticeable difference in how and when my foot falls. Breaking them in has proven a bit of a challenge, but that has more to do with my weird-shaped feet and less to do with the shoes.

My pace is steadily getting faster. I started this new program on the 2nd at 16:40 minutes/mile and now I’m down to 15:13 minutes/mile. My goal for the Free To Breathe 5K is 34 minutes total, or just under 11 minutes/mile. To meet my goal I will have to run the course with an average pace of about 5.5 mph. Right now my pace is hovering at 4 mph. When I stop to consider just how far I still have to go, I get frustrated and discouraged. What I have to keep reminding myself is a) I tend to go faster when I run outside, b) my treadmill lies, and c) I have come so far in the last 13 weeks, I can hardly believe it. 13 weeks ago, I wasn’t able to walk 3 consecutive miles without having an asthma attack. My average pace was over 22 minutes/mile. 6 weeks ago I was legitimately worried I wouldn’t finish the 5K in under an hour.

I had a weird breakthrough this week while doing some research for a project. I had to sit and time how long the acts of a television show ran, and how long certain scenes in each act ran. It’s boring and tedious work because you’re not watching television, you’re watching the stopwatch. I had been timing for an hour or so when I had the thought: “This is boring. Let’s go get on the treadmill.” Not “Let’s go play video games” or “Let’s go read a book” or “Let’s go watch stupid videos on YouTube”. It was a weird moment for me – the moment I decided I really am a runner, that I’m not just playing around or using this as a means to an end. I never thought I would see the day when I would rather run, rather work out, than sit on my rear and stare at a screen.

That realization means more to me than the 8.4 pounds, more even than the 44:26 time.

Countdown to the Free To Breathe 5K: 5 weeks
Countdown to the Too Hot to Handle 15K: 13 weeks
Countdown to the White Rock Marathon: 33 weeks

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