Day One Hundred & Twelve

21 Apr

Training to Run the Rock

Week 14 of 46 – Done! I did 7.37 miles this week in 1.778 hours, for a total of 119.95 miles in 36.79 hours. I gained back 1.8 pounds this week, bringing my total weight loss to 6.6 pounds.

The allergy attack of last week turned into an upper respiratory infection this week. This is exactly what happened back in February. Then, I let it run me completely off the rails. Now, I’m fighting to stay on target.

I only have 28 days left to train before my next race. I can’t train effectively if I’m not well. So right now I’m focused on getting over this cold/infection/whatever it is because if I push myself, I’ll end up feeling worse. If I just take the time and go easy and let my body heal, I’ll be better able to “catch up” and work harder. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

The bright side of this is the realization that I’m annoyed that I can’t train, not guilty that I don’t feel up to it.

Countdown to the Free To Breathe 5K: 4 weeks
Countdown to the Too Hot to Handle 15K: 12 weeks
Countdown to the White Rock Marathon: 32 weeks

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