Day One Hundred & Twenty-One

30 Apr

Happy Monday, everyone! I found tons of stuff around the internet over the past week – too much to share in just one post – so today I give you

Part One


Have you tried typing the phrase ‘zerg rush’ into Google yet? You should totally try it. Here’s a PCWorld article about this newest Easter Egg from Google that includes some pretty good screenshots and an explanation of the term.


Do you listen to music when you run? According to a new book from Dr. Coastas Karageoghis titled Inside Sport Psychology, depending on the type of runner you are, music can boost your performance by as much as 15%. Elite runner Adharanand Finn set out to test the theory, and wrote about his experience in an article for the Guardian – “Does music help you to run faster?” (Link via Lifehacker)

Based on my personal experience, I’m going to go ahead and agree with the good doctor. When I ran the Make the Break 5K back in March, if I felt like I was slowing down or getting fatigued, I sang (in my head) a line from an upbeat song to encourage myself. As evident by my ridiculously fast (for me) finish, it totally worked.

The song? “The Vegetables” by Hank Green. Don’t judge me.


Over on Thought Catalog, Ryan Frawley asks the question “Do You Have To Be Miserable To Be An Artist?” I’ve always found trying to answer that question to be an interesting debate between correlation and causation: Are you miserable because you’re an artist, or are you an artist because you’re miserable. Frawley takes a different tack and separates the two completely. An interesting, thought-provoking article.


Also from Thought Catalog, Michelle Haimoff offers up a list of “30 Other Things Every Woman Should Know By 30“, in response to the “30 Things Every Woman Should Have And Should Know” list that has been floating around for the past few days. I turned 31 a month ago and I consider myself a pretty intelligent person, but I still haven’t learned some of these lessons. Some I have learned only in the past few months. Some items are funny; some are thoughtful; all are worth a look.

My favorite by far is #30 – “Remember that no one else has it figured out either.”


Tweet of the week comes from Scarlettjen:


Last week I told you about David C. Simon’s fantastic tumblr The Dalek Factor and his truly terrifying Aperture Daleks. This week he posted high-resolution wallpapers of both the Aperture Daleks and his Genesis Daleks. These images are amazing. He offers both images in several different aspect ratios, and totally for free. If you love them, and especially if you download them, give him some love and let him know you appreciate his work.


Did you know that The Bloggess is a New York Times Best Selling Author?!

Congratulations, Jenny!


Being a writer is a very solitary, sometimes very lonely occupation. We sit for hours alone in our offices, before our desks, writing as much and as fast as our brains and fingers will let us. And sometimes the words just don’t come. It’s our job to make the words come, so we push on, struggling with noun after noun, verb after verb, hoping and praying that the string of letters we’ve just spent so much time creating will somehow become something that is at least coherent. It’s at that moment, that final second of despair, that it’s good to remember that we are not alone, that every writer has bad days, every writer has days when the words simply won’t come.

Or, as Will Hindmarch put it:

“We can write or we can do other things, but sitting and hoping to write isn’t anything at all, so if we’re not writing let’s do other things, do them well, and not stockpile a bunch of useless fucks about it.”

If you aren’t subscribed to his blog, tumblr, and Twitter, you are really missing out.


I love the website It’s full of simple, creative, clever ideas for the everyday. Nothing ridiculous, outlandish, or impractical, just creative solutions to common problems or clever uses of common things. This week they featured a fantastic Kickstarter campaign for a brilliant product – the gokey.

From the Kickstarter page: “gokey is a sleek silicone wrist band that conceals your key when you are out and about… gokey’s unique design allows for a safe and comfortable way to carry your key while on a run… The key is easy to insert and is fully concealed when the bracelet is closed so no one needs to know your wrist band’s secret.”

I love this idea. It’s such an obvious solution to a common problem. Plus, the product looks great.


Finally, also from, the most creative advertisement I’ve seen all week. (Probably NSFW, NSF people who are easily offended, and NSF people who have lost their sense of humor. Everyone else, enjoy!)


That’s Part One, kiddies. Part Two tomorrow. And of course, if you see something I missed, leave a link in comments, in email, or on Twitter and I’ll take a peek!

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  1. aileen

    April 30, 2012 at 07:07

    awww… creating clever loves you too


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