Day One Hundred & Twenty-Six

05 May

Training to Run the Rock

I’ve made it to the end of Week 16 of 46. It has been a sedentary week. I did 6.26 miles in 1.496 hours, bringing my total to 133.46 miles in 40.134 hours. I lost 1.6 pounds this week, making up for last week’s stunning performance, which makes my total weight lost 5.2 pounds.

I took 4 days off this week – 2 to rest my knee, 1 couldn’t be avoided, and 1 out of exhaustion. The valuable lessons I learned from that are 1) resting doesn’t mean you’re lazy, it just means you’re tired or in pain; and 2) running at the park is a far better workout and a better use of my time than running on the treadmill. My average time on the treadmill in the past two weeks is ~14:43 minutes/mile. My average this morning at the park: 13:17 min/mile.

Have I really come to the point when I only use my treadmill when I have to? When it’s raining, or when I want a lighter workout, or I can’t get out of the house for whatever reason? I don’t know what to think about that.

I have a race in two weeks. I am not prepared for it, but I’m going to run it anyway. If I run the whole thing (no walking) and come in with a time of 34 minutes or better, I’ll be overjoyed. If neither of those things happen, oh well. At this point, I’ll be happy to get a better time than I did in the last race. Besides, I have another race to look forward to.

Countdown to the Free To Breathe 5K: 2 weeks
Countdown to the Too Hot to Handle 15K: 10 weeks
Countdown to the White Rock Marathon: 30 weeks

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