Day One Hundred & Thirty-Three

12 May

Training to Run the Rock

Welcome to the end of Week 17 of 46. This week I did 3.49 miles in 0.874 hours, bringing my total to 136.95 miles in 41.008 hours. My weight-loss has flat-lined. This week’s loss is 1.6 pounds for an overall total of 6.8 pounds.

I’m frustrated. I’ve played on the fringes of frustration for several weeks now, but I wouldn’t admit that the lack of weight-loss and the minimal improvement in my pace and endurance were getting to me as much as they have. I’m not ready for this race. I have run out of time.

Rather than run this race and invite the crippling effects of humiliation and disappointment, I’m sitting this one out. Or rather, I’m postponing. There are a ton of races coming in the next few months – plenty of opportunities to measure my improvement. I simply don’t see the point of running a race if I haven’t improved.

As soon as I’ve decided which races I’m aiming for, I’ll let you know.

Countdown to the Too Hot to Handle 15K: 9 weeks
Countdown to the White Rock Marathon: 29 weeks

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