Day One Hundred & Thirty-Five

14 May

Slight detour this week. Instead of giving you a list of neat and geeky things I’ve found around the internet in the last week, I’m going to give you a list of neat and geeky videos I’ve been watching on YouTube.


First, a tribute to the amazing play yesterday in the final day of the Premier League.

If you’re confused, you don’t watch the Swoodilypoopers and thus your life is lacking. Also, this will be the second song I learn when I get a ukulele.


This will be the first.

The top comment on that video is beautiful:

Ms. Fucking Palmer you smack of sexuality and magic that rises into a hurricane of what I want the world to be. Thank you for existing. Thank you for your success. Those who are jealous should be, because not only do you have the power to bring about change, but you share that power freely with the world. Love to you and yours. ~ Mangaleech

(A digital version can be found on AFP’s blog, along with lyrics and links to the story behind the song and how to buy it.)


When you’re watching television, do you ever stop and just admire how brilliant some actors are? How incredibly talented they are? I’ll talk about this more in a future post, so for now I’ll give you this to consider.

Sir Patrick. Big budget movies; small-to-medium budget television; on stage with the Royal Shakespeare Company; soliloquies on Sesame Street. Everything he does is amazing.


On May 4, Adam Yauch (more commonly known as MCA of the Beastie Boys) lost his battle with cancer. That night at the Hollywood Bowl, Coldplay gave him a tribute.

Whatever your opinion of Coldplay, it’s a moving tribute to one of the most influential musicians of our generation.


Here’s a bit of nostalgia for you.


What happens when I catch up with my YouTube subscriptions? I seek out YouTubers I’ve heard of but never watched. That’s how I ended up watching Toby Turner play Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood for over 16 hours.

Oh my Joss the insanity… (Bonus: All 98 episodes in one playlist. You’re welcome.)


Also from Toby, just because it’s freakin’ hi-larious.


One of the latest videos from Ze Frank, which pretty much explains how my mind works when I’m writing.

The most prevailing thought I have after watching that is I’m so relieved that I’m not the only one who works that way. My mind goes down so many tangents it’s a wonder I ever get any work done at all.


I do have one link to share this week, and as it’s rather important I’m giving it a line to itself.


If you’re going, come find me and say hello! I’ll probably be in the “Meet Patrick Stewart” line all day Saturday.


That’s what I have for you this week, darlings. If you see something you’d like to share, leave a link in comments, send an email, or find me on Twitter. And as always, don’t forget to be awesome!

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