Day One Hundred & Forty

19 May

Training to Run the Rock

Week 18 of 46 is over. I took this week off. I ran 0 miles, keeping my total at 136.95 miles in 41.008 hours. Despite my best efforts, I still managed to lose weight. I dropped 4.4 pounds to bring my total to 11.2 pounds gone.

Yeah, I lost more weight doing nothing than I did running more than 7 miles a week. Problem is, I did it the exact wrong way. For the past week I’ve been spending most of my time playing video games. When I get into a game like the one I’m playing, I lose track of time and forget to eat. In the short term that’s fantastic but there is a reason the stereotype for a video gamer is a smelly overweight guy.

When your body doesn’t get the amount or type of food it is accustomed to, it goes into storage mode. It assumes you’re starving and begins to conserve fat, just as it did hundreds of years ago when people went through times of famine. Your body doesn’t care that you’re trying to fit into that new pair of jeans; it thinks you’re dying, albeit slowly, and does what it can to maintain a food supply for your cells. It becomes less concerned with gathering nutrients from your food and more concerned with turning carbohydrates into sugars it can use later. Most of the fat you take in gets stored instead of flushed through your system.

Essentially, the weight I lost was water and excess waste. If my cells don’t need it in the immediate future to stay alive, it got tossed overboard. Since I’m not eating much of anything except coffee, my cells didn’t have anything to store. As soon as I reverse the situation – go back to eating healthy meals at regular intervals – my weight will go back up as my body repairs the damage.

Next week, I’m back on track. My knees feel good. I’ve lost the level of frustration that was slowing me down before, and I’ve hit the point where I miss running. I still have 7 months to get ready for White Rock.

Countdown to the Too Hot to Handle 15K: 8 weeks
Countdown to the White Rock Marathon: 28 weeks

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