Day One Hundred & Forty-Five

24 May

Earlier this week I took a major step in my gaming future. After much deliberation, I took the plunge and bought a Playstation 3.

I wasn’t going to buy it. I really can’t afford it and there are so many other things that money could go toward (like my student loans), but after I finished Assassin’s Creed II… I’m obsessed with this series, and had to play Brotherhood for myself. My computer doesn’t have the processor speed to keep up – my only option was to buy a console.

Why did I choose the PS3 over the Xbox? Money, mostly. Xbox consoles are more expensive, even when you buy used like I did. (Yes, I’m aware of the super cheap 4 gig model, but the price difference between it with all the flash drives I’d have to buy and the PS3 made it no contest.) I can’t afford the monthly Xbox Live charge, and Playstation lets me connect for free. Since the games cost the same regardless of platform, that really wasn’t a factor in my decision. The deciding point was the DVD/Blu-ray player integrated into the PS3. I save a bit of money this way, instead of purchasing both a gaming console and Blu-ray player separately.

So far I’ve played about 15 hours, and I can honestly say I love it. I don’t have to sacrifice graphics quality like I did on my computer. I’m not quite used to the joystick controls yet, but the functionality is much better than button-mashing my keyboard. Bonus: My local game store has a ton of used PS2 and PS3 games for really low prices, some even cheaper than the used PS1 games I’m buying for my daughter.

Now that I have a console, what games would you recommend I try? I haven’t played enough to have a favorite type, so I’m open for pretty much anything. Leave your suggestions in the comments, on Twitter, or in email, and I’ll try them out. Best wishes, and DFTBA!

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