Day One Hundred & Forty-Seven

26 May

Training to Run the Rock

I’ve come to the end of Week 19 of 46. I took another week off, keeping my totals at 136.95 miles in 41.008 hours. I have lost a bit more weight, dropping another 1.4 pounds for a total of 12.6 pounds off. This does put me below the first of several mini-goals on the way to my ultimate weight goal. So that’s good.

I’ve completely lost my motivation. It’s been a rough couple weeks, but that’s just an excuse. The truth is I’m lazy and would rather play video games for hours a day than get on my treadmill for 20 minutes. I could try to blame it on my knees or my allergies or the various trials and tribulations of my personal life, but I’d be lying to myself. The pure and simple fact is that I’m lazy.

What am I going to do about this? I don’t know. I suppose I’ll have to force myself to workout until it becomes a part of my routine again, until I’m addicted to it again. There are a few things happening around here that will help my motivation – or at least my determination.

I do know I like this slightly skinnier me. The other day on a whim I grabbed a t-shirt and pair of jeans from my ‘a bit too tight’ collection, and they fit. Not only did they fit, I looked good. That kind of confidence boost should do wonders for my motivation. That and the fact that registration for the marathon opens in less than a week.

Countdown to the White Rock Marathon: 27 weeks

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