Day One Hundred & Fifty

29 May

Hey guys. I know it’s Question Tuesday, but I thought I’d take a moment from the questions and tell you what’s been going on here on the home front lately. It’s been a weird and wacky week and there’s lots of stuff to tell you.

First, if you haven’t taken a gander at Amanda Palmer’s Kickstarter, do so now. With less than three days to go, it’s $18,000 away from hitting ONE MILLION DOLLARS. I highly encourage you to pledge. $1 gets you a digital download of the entire album, and the incentives at all levels are insane.

Amanda and her army are changing the game, not just for musicians but for all artists. We are the media.

AFP has inspired me in so many ways in such a short amount of time. The first time I heard Ukulele Anthem, I was determined to own and learn to play a ukulele. It has taken several months, but I finally got my hot little hands on one. I bought a Lanikai soprano ukulele Sunday afternoon, and learned five chords that evening. Seriously. I learned to tune and play the ukulele in less than an hour. Yes, my fingers hurt. Yes, I’m ridiculously excited about that fact.

People have asked about the Dungeons and Dragons report that I promised over a month ago. Unfortunately, I’ve found with our encounters that it’s virtually impossible to relate the game without it sounding like a running commentary. If you’ve ever had to read a play-by-play (English football and poker come to mind), you know that this is effective but boring. I’m almost certain this is simply a product of the short encounter-style casual game, and that a longer campaign-style game would be easier to relate and read. On that front, I’m considering joining a home game. I’m not sure I’m ready for that kind of investment and commitment, but it seems like the logical next step. Besides, I really like the people I play with, and spending more time with them isn’t a bad thing. As my mother is quick to tell me, I need to get out more.

As far as questions about running… No, I haven’t quit. I’ve taken an extended break. The last few weeks have been rife with set-backs and disappointments. I’ve decided to put some deep thought into my motivations and to form more reasonable goals before I start again. Because that’s where I am at this point – starting over.

(I’m doing my damnedest not to complain, but that kills me more than a little.)

On other fronts – It took me about four days to play through Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. More on that coming Thursday. Now that I have my PS3, I’ll be talking about gaming quite a lot. There are some amazing games coming in the next few months that I’m ridiculously excited about, so I’ll be talking more about those as we get closer to the release dates. If you have any recommendations or see an exciting bit of game news, drop me a line.

With all these additions in my creative life, will I still have time (and energy) for writing? Yes. Resoundingly, a million times yes. I haven’t given up writing. The Budgie Barnett Fast Fiction Challenge will continue every Friday. I have stuff going behind the scenes. The new stuff, the ukulele and the gaming, are new avenues for my creativity. I like telling stories – music is telling stories with instruments; gaming is telling stories with inch-tall figures. Finding new creative things will never have an adverse effect on my writing. It can only make it better.

Remember, if you have a question you would like me to answer, you can leave it in comments, send me an email, or find me on Twitter. And as always, don’t forget to be awesome!

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