Day One Hundred & Fifty-One

30 May

Back in early March, in the middle of the “do I have a job or don’t I” debacle, I decided to get new glasses. The pair I was using was cheap pliable metal, the prescription was out of date, and I never really liked the way I looked in them. They just didn’t fit me, my personality. So I trekked out to the mall to my local Lenscrafters.

Why Lenscrafters over Eyemasters that was one level down? Honestly, it wasn’t the sale or the selection; it was the people. Eyemasters was crazy crowded (I don’t do well in crowds). I was in there for ten minutes before anyone acknowledged my presence.

(Pause for retail reality: I worked in retail for a long time. I know what it’s like to get crazy busy. I also know that making eye contact with a smile and “We’ll be right with you” goes a long way.)

At Lenscrafters, someone offered to help me immediately. Not only did he help me pick out frames that worked for my budget, but also looked good. When I was ready to make a purchase, the manager was more than helpful getting me the best lenses to fit my needs. She listened and asked appropriate questions: Do you drive a lot at night? What type of work do you do? She set me up with plastic, scratch-resistant, glare-reduction lenses because I stare at a computer all day, have a four-year-old, and am relatively clumsy.

Since I had the initial adjustment (the day I bought them) I have had them re-adjusted about a dozen times. Seriously. It’s been a saga of epic proportions. Every time one problem is fixed, another arises. I’ve had to replace both the lenses and the frames because of adjustment problems. But here’s the kicker: in every instance they have been kind and helpful, going above and beyond to get my glasses right for me.

As a customer, I appreciate the level of service they provide. The ‘make it right’ attitude is so rare nowadays that it’s refreshing to find a company that puts the customer first.

From a business perspective, I wish more companies would realize why this strategy works. Sure, they spend a little more on the front-end, but they make it back ten times over in customer loyalty. They earned my business, and I’ll encourage everyone I know to shop there as well.

Huge thanks to the staff at Lenscrafters Mesquite. You guys are the best.

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