Day One Hundred & Fifty-Four

02 Jun

It’s the end of Week 20 of 46, and Week 3 of doing nothing at all. My totals are the same (136.95 miles in 41.008 hours) and my weight didn’t change.

The sad fact is that while I miss running, I haven’t missed it enough to start again. However, I can see how much I need it, and not just for the health benefits. My moods are all over the place. I’m more depressed than I have been in recent months. My body-image, though always pretty low, has been worse since I stopped. I’m seeing the numbers change on the scale, but not seeing a change in the mirror.

Not only has my training motivation gone out the window, but my work motivation went with it. As you can probably tell from the quality of my blog posts lately, when I stopped running, I stopped doing almost everything else. I didn’t realize how entwined those aspects of my life are.

I have 26 short weeks until the White Rock Marathon (which they’ve renamed the Dallas Marathon). If I start over again today, I might be ready for the half-marathon in time. At this point, that’s what I’m aiming for. To make sure I don’t lose sight of the original goal (weight loss), I’m aiming to be 15 pounds lighter by then than I am right now. 15 pounds in 26 weeks is more than reasonable, and puts me within 15 pounds of my weight goal. If I can hit both my weight goal and my running goal, I’ll … I don’t know what I’ll do, but I’ll be excited doing it.

Countdown to the Dallas Marathon: 26 weeks

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