Day One Hundred & Sixty

08 Jun

Fast Fiction Friday! I’m continuing the Budgie Barnett Fast Fiction Challenge this week with titles “Larry The Log” and “Pennies for Elvis”. As I explained, I’ll write fast fiction of exactly 200 words using titles from Barnett’s blog. (Click over to this post for a full explanation.)


Larry The Log

Slim slapped the cards down on the grungy table while the others readied their bets.

“He’s built like a bus.”

“Nah. A freight train.”

“A Boeing 777.” The others looked at Slim and shook their heads.

“Larry the Boeing 777? Yeah. That’s a great name. Might as well call him Lawrence the Rather Large Fellow.” Reggie affected a bad English accent and held up a pinkie. Everyone but Slim laughed.

“Yeah, yeah. Make with the laughs. That still doesn’t give him a name.” Slim crossed his arms across his chest and scowled.

Noodle piped up. “What do you call a guy with arms like tree trunks and legs like… bigger tree trunks?”

Reggie thought for a second, eyes squinted, brow furrowed. Suddenly his face brightened and he smiled like he had solved the world’s oldest riddles. “Noodle’s got a point.”

“I do?”

“He does?”

“Yeah… Larry the Log. What do you think, big fella?”

They all turned to the rather large man standing in the corner of the room. The rather large man looked at each man quickly, then down to the floor, suddenly shy at all the attention.

“Yeah. Larry the Log. That’s a good name, boss. But my name’s Kevin.”


Pennies for Elvis

“This had better work, Kim, or this is the last time I help you with one of your stupid schemes.”

“It will work, and it’s not stupid. Help me set up the bucket, will you?”

The two women wrestled a red metal tripod out of the trunk of the battered Oldsmobile. Suzette made a quick glance around for security before they hustled to set up the contraption near the front doors of the supermarket.

“Great. Now here’s your bucket, and here’s your bell. All you have to do is ring it, and I guarantee people will give you money.”

“You guarantee?” Suzette wasn’t convinced.

“Sure, though a smile might help a bit. I’ll be back in a few hours to pick you up.”

Suzette watched in horror as Kim ran back to the Olds, abandoning her. She let the shock wash over her, then shrugged. She’d been in worse situations and in stupider schemes. The worst they could do was arrest her. Again. And if they didn’t, she might actually make enough to make it to Graceland.

She squared her shoulders, smiled bigger than a toothpaste commercial, and gave the bell a resounding ring.

“Pennies! Pennies, please! Pennies for Elvis!”


Be sure to click through the titles to see Budgie’s stories, and give him a comment or tweet if you like what you read. Best wishes!

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