Day One Hundred & Sixty-One

09 Jun

We’ve come to the end of Week 21 of 46. This week I did 4.0 miles in 1.030 hours, bringing my stagnant totals to 140.95 miles in 42.038 hours. My weight is fluctuating wildly, with an overall loss of 0.8 pounds this week to bring my total loss to 13.4 pounds. 12 pounds to go to reach my next goal.

It’s been a death-trap roller coaster of a week: ridiculous drops, steep inclines, dangerous speeds that jolt to a stop. To maintain some level of sanity, I tried to get back to my routine of 5am wake-up call, light breakfast by 7am, on the treadmill by 8am, second breakfast/brunch around 10am, light lunch at 2pm, light but balanced dinner around 6pm, in bed by 9pm. That didn’t work out all that well, except the treadmill part.

It felt weird to get on the treadmill again, after so long. I didn’t tackle much distance or go very fast, but there was a certain feeling of accomplishment for just getting on there, especially after 3 weeks of inactivity. This time I’m not pushing myself as hard, and I don’t have any set-in-concrete race goals. I’m just training to run, and will see where that takes me.

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