Day One Hundred & Sixty-Six

14 Jun

Hey guys! Today for Gaming Thursday I thought I would let you know how my current Dungeons & Dragons campaign is going.

Every Wednesday, I meet with an interesting bunch of people at my local comic and game store for a few hours of D&D Encounters. These brief stories are designed to let new-comers ease into D&D, while still being fun for more experienced players. Most people return week after week, but it’s easy for someone to jump in whenever.

When we started this particular campaign, I didn’t have my own character. My DM, Robert, keeps a few spare pre-generated characters with him for just this reason – if you’re new to D&D like I am, it’s likely you don’t know how to roll-up a character, or you may not want to.

Me being the completest that I am, I was determined to roll-up my own character. I ordered the Starter Kit (Red Box to the old-timers) and set about making my own character. The disadvantage of being so new is not knowing where to look for all the right answers, or even to know what questions to ask, so my character was pretty … weak. So weak, in fact, that I got my behind handed to me two weeks in a row. (Down to 1HP, 4 enemies still on the board, and no cleric to heal me. Good times.)

Some of the regular members of the group decided to have their own home game and they graciously invited me to join. Coming out of yet another embarrassing show, facing the prospect of further embarrassment didn’t appeal to me. So last night and all day today I’ve been scouring the internet, finding the answers to my questions, figuring out which questions to ask, and making my character as awesome as a Level 2 Rouge can be. It’s taken a considerable amount of time, but I think I’ll actually be dealing the damage next week instead of just taking it.

The bonus to this little adventure is how much better I understand the game. The ins and outs and specific gameplay mechanics that I just took as ‘because the DM says so’ actually make sense to me now. Plus it won’t be as difficult for me to roll-up a second character for the home game because I know where to find the correct information.

When I first started playing, other people recommended the Character Builder at the official Wizards of the Coast home page, but I can honestly say – for me, at least – building my character on my own was the better choice. Sure it takes more time and effort, but I know exactly what abilities I have, and what I could have picked instead. I manipulated the numbers on my own and gave myself the strengths and weaknesses I wanted for my character. Those decisions make the character more real to me, and the game that much more engaging.

Of course, it could just be that I like being in control…

Have any advice or recommendations for me? Leave a comment or find me on Twitter. And as always, don’t forget to be awesome!

P.S. Huge debt of gratitude to Lone Star Comics for hosting the weekly game. If you’re in the DFW area and looking for a great LCBS, do yourself the favor and check them out. You won’t be disappointed.

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