Day One Hundred & Sixty-Seven

15 Jun

Fast Fiction Friday! I’m continuing the Budgie Barnett Fast Fiction Challenge this week with titles “The Economy Goes Bust” and “Lord is My Shotgun”. As I explained, I’ll write fast fiction of exactly 200 words using titles from Barnett’s blog. (Click over to this post for a full explanation.)


The Economy Goes Bust

“Life has a funny way of working out. It wasn’t a year ago I was in steel bracelets being led into the courthouse through a crowd of screaming reporters and sign-carrying crazies. Look at me now – back in my modest twelve-bedroom estate, surrounded by all the niceties money can buy. Honestly I just want to put this whole affair behind me and move on. I’d rather forget all the lies my so-called friends spread about me, and all the reporters that lapped it up. All that “evidence” the cops “found” in my ex’s sister’s condo? I don’t know why they would make up stuff about me like that, but my lawyer and my therapist say it’s better to just let it go and focus on what’s in front of me. That’s what I’m doing. I’ve got a whole team of people helping me get back on track. Right now, life is good.”

“And what would you say to the families of your victims, Mr. Herald? The loved-ones of the people you murdered?”

“Well, I suppose I would say that if they work hard and really put in the effort, they can be rich and famous like me one day.”


Lord is My Shotgun

She sat in the middle of the dusty floor of the single room shack, cradling the gun. It was antique, single-shot, and loaded for bear. She patted the stock as if she was calming a child. The night noises of the forest filtered in through the broken windows and threadbare curtains. Over the rustle of leaves and coyote calls she heard someone whistle a flat, airy tune. She shivered as a trickle of sweat rolled down her back. She didn’t know how, but he had found her. She prayed she would survived the night.

“Good Lord, you’ve protected me for so long. I ask you to watch over me one more time, keep me safe and sane. Thank you Lord, for being by my side tonight.”

“God ain’t gonna protect you from me, little girl.”

She gasped and spun at the sound of his voice behind her. His hulking mass filled the open doorway, outlined only by the predawn light. In one smooth motion she shouldered the weapon, braced herself, and fired. Shot exploded from the barrel and slammed into his chest, leaving him with a shocked expression and Swiss cheese for a torso.

“God? Who said anything about God?”


Be sure to click through the titles to see Budgie’s stories, and give him a comment or tweet if you like what you read. And as always, don’t forget to be awesome!

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