Day One Hundred & Sixty-Eight

16 Jun

Week 22 of 46, done! This week I did an astonishing 1.52 miles in 0.383 hours to bring my totals to 142.47 miles in 42.421 hours. Not surprisingly, I gained 2 pounds to make my total loss 11.4 pounds. Huzzah.

It’s been a shitty week, but I’m in a quandary. Are my moods worse (and thus my days shittier) because I’m not running? When I look back a few months and seem to have a much better attitude about life, I can’t ignore that I was running 7+ miles consistently every week. Is this correlation or causation? Were the endorphins combating my depression at a remarkable level, or was I actually happier which caused me to want to run more?

Was I happier because I was running, or was I running because I was happier?

Either way, I know I’m not happy now. It irritates me that I don’t have better motivation when I really have no excuse. I’m unemployed, so I can’t say I don’t have the time. I’m in reasonably good health, so I can’t use injury as an excuse. Even if I tried, this guy blows my excuses out of the water:

(via this page via Drew Carey’s Twitter)

The time has come to stop looking for excuses and stop looking for motivation. I’ll either run or I won’t. It’s up to me to make that decision and stick by it.

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