Day One Hundred & Seventy-One

19 Jun

Hey guys! It’s been a really tough week and instead of the normal Question Tuesday, I want to focus on the good stuff that’s going on in my life and give myself a bit of a reprieve from the bad stuff.

Saturday I got to go play my very first home game of Dungeons and Dragons. Yes, I play D&D: Encounters weekly at my LCBS*, but because of the way Encounters is designed my character will never get past level 3. At the home game, they’re running a full-out, multiple campaign game – from level 1 to level 30. I was pretty nervous and made some fairly big mistakes, but all-in-all I had a great time. I made some mistakes when I built my character, but I think I have most of them fixed. I’ll be ready for the next session with an amazing character. Now if I can just get the dice to cooperate…

Saturday was also Captain Picard Day, so I bought a cake:

The looks on the faces of the people at the grocery store made it worth it.

Monday I took my daughter on our biweekly trip to the library. It’s a special occasion to her, so she insists on dressing up.

She is so well-behaved while we’re there, content to sit quietly and pretend to read, that the librarians love her. (Most of the kids in my town are what my grandmother would call ‘heathens’ who run and yell through the stacks. Huge pet peeve of mine.)

This morning, the first thing she asked when she got up was to go outside and play. After some wheeling and dealing, she agreed to wait until after her nap to go swimming.

We timed it perfectly: just enough swimming to get tired and wrinkly before a huge storm hit. She ate her snack and watched Teen Titans while I watched the wind wreak havoc on our trees.

Tomorrow I get to hang out with her all day, then go play D&D: Encounters with my friends. It’s not much, but if I stay focused on the good stuff I don’t get bogged down with the bad stuff. I’m resolutely adding to my pile of good things, even while my pile of bad things grows out of control. Memories like those of the past few days certainly help bring balance, and keep me sane.

Question Tuesday returns next week, so if you have a question for me please leave it in the comments or on Twitter. And as always, don’t forget to be awesome!

*Local Comic Book Shop

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