Day One Hundred & Seventy-Four

22 Jun

Fast Fiction Friday! I’m continuing the Budgie Barnett Fast Fiction Challenge this week with titles “Large Mouse Sighted” and “My Only Tendency”. As I explained, I’ll write fast fiction of exactly 200 words using titles from Barnett’s blog. (Click over to this post for a full explanation.)


Large Mouse Sighted

“And now back to Linda for today’s top stories.”

“Thanks, Jack. A large rat caused quite a stir on the Green Line today. Panicked commuters and close quarters resulted in three minor injuries.”

“A rat? In Green District?”

“Just wait until you see this video, Jack. It’s incredible.”

Charlie clicked off the television. On the table in front of him were carefully stacked piles of bills, all sorted by denomination. He clicked on the radio before pulling the next wallet from the sack.

“Not a bad haul today, Billy boy. Not bad at all.” Charlie threw the identification in one pile, the credit cards in another, then lit a cigarette and tapped the glass of Billy’s small tank. The sleek black rat wiggled his whiskers and returned to his hunk of cheddar.

“I don’t think it was right to bite that lady, but that was a good distraction. You’re getting better at this, just like I knew you would. Just takes practice. I’m thinking we’ll hit the Blue Line next week. What do you think?”

Billy blinked. Charlie nodded, accepting the rat’s answer, and went back to counting his money. “Good. Just this time, try not to bite anybody, okay?”


My Only Tendency

We all have that thing, right? That thing that makes us just a little bit weird? Just a little bit different from the rest of the population? Some call it a quirk or a tendency, at best a habit and at worst an addiction. It’s not always bad, mind. For instance, my mother laughed when she farted. Just a soft giggle, but it always gave her away. My dad, a life-long Sharks fan, never watched a game. They might lose if they knew he was watching, he told me once, half-joking.

And me? I think about how people are going to die. Creepy, I know, but I can’t help it. Everyday I sit at the bus stop watching the people go by and think drown in a swimming pool, car accident, suicide, burned alive. All the deaths are horrible and gruesome – no one dies of old age in my imagination.

My doctor says it’s normal to think about death as long as I don’t act on it. I smile and tell her ‘of course not’. She smiles back like she’s not sure if I’m telling the truth. And in my mind I watch a dog rip her throat out.


Be sure to click through the titles to see Budgie’s stories, and give him a comment or tweet if you like what you read. And as always, don’t forget to be awesome!

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