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08 Jul

As you could probably tell from the week-long absence, I’ve decided to end my daily blogging experiment. It was fun for a while, but started to be a chore. Feeling obligated to push through and write anyway made me not want to write at all, which is the opposite of what I wanted. Having the expectation off my shoulders has been remarkably freeing and has allowed me to slowly revert back to my normal writing state. The strangest thing to come from this reset is the amount I’m reading. During the last weeks of the experiment I subconsciously shunned the written word – no blogs, no books, almost no Twitter (I KNOW!), not even captions on television. In the past week I’ve read two books and started two more.

This reset has also given me time to think about things I want to write. Niggling thoughts in the back of my mind can slowly develop rather than be forced, stunted, onto the page. What follows is a collection of random observations, thoughts that previously would have been coaxed into being before they are ready or forgotten entirely. If you like something you see, let me know. We will see what happens.

– Whenever I go to a used book store, I look for books by John Green (Looking For Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, Will Grayson, Will Grayson, Paper Towns, The Fault In Our Stars). I have yet to find a single copy. At first this makes me sad – I don’t get to buy it. Then I realize that I don’t find copies in used book stores because no one wants to give them up, no one wants to be without the awesomeness that is a John Green novel, and that makes me ridiculously happy.

– The words “And it was still hot” make me cry, but for different reasons now than when I was a child. (The quote is the last line of Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.)

– A few years ago, when I finally acknowledged the idea of becoming a writer, I strongly considered screenwriting as my best option. I started paying attention to the names in the credits of my favorite movies and television shows, those beyond the cast list like the producers and assistant directors and stunt coordinators. I began to see the same group of names popping up together, all over the genre spectrum. It was then that I realized the caliber of greatness Joss Whedon had on the crew of Firefly and Serenity.

– I still squeal and happy dance whenever I see someone from the Whedonverse listed in the credits of my favorite shows and movies. (E.g., Mike Massa was the stunt coordinator and David Boreanaz’s stunt double in Angel. He was also the stunt coordinator for True Blood, and Chris Pine’s stunt double in Star Trek.)

– I “find” amazing artists, musicians, and authors in ways that others might consider weird. Amanda Palmer was just the woman who married Neil Gaiman until I took the time to listen to her music (which you should totally do right now). I became a fan of Ben Templesmith’s work because he was in the first season of The Variants – a web series made by the owner of my fave comic book store. These strange ‘six-degrees’ connections seem perfectly normal to me.

– I started playing D&D:Encounters about two months ago and a home game less than one month ago. By coincidence, I played neither game last week, and won’t play again until Wednesday. I’ve found that I miss it terribly, much more than I expected, and miss the people I play with more.

– Taking risks, branching out, stepping out of my box, etc., is good for me. Sure I might make mistakes and/or embarrass myself, but I also might find something I enjoy and make friends. A common sense concept to most, but a hard-won lesson for me.

– I’m more motivated to get a job and make money to support amazing art and brilliant artists than do normal boring stuff like pay bills and buy food. I cleaned out my savings account (granting that there wasn’t much there to clean out) to support Amanda Palmer’s recent Kickstarter and buy Chuck Wendig’s latest books. I have thirty days from today to find a job and make a paycheck so I can support TOME by 44FLOOD, and will be devastated if I don’t make the deadline. Support like this is more important to me than all the adult things I’m supposed to do with my money.

– I know this is because I’m a creative, too. I very strongly believe that we have to support each other. Also, a part of me hopes that when it’s my turn, creatives will support me and my work.

– A bigger part of me is terrified I won’t be worthy of their support. This simultaneously motivates and discourages me, leaving me thinking really hard about what I should write but not actually writing anything. I have unintentionally become a thinker instead of a writer. This realization scares me.

There you go. Ten thoughts that previously wouldn’t have been allowed to exist in this undeveloped form. I can’t wait to see how this works out.

PS: It’s a bit late notice, but I will be participating in the VlogBrothers summer book club (info here and here). This year we’re reading Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. Part One: The Hearth and The Salamander will be discussed this Tuesday, July 10 on their YouTube channel. I’ll be adding my thoughts here either Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning, depending on when they upload their videos. If you would like to join in, I would love to hear your thoughts. And as always, don’t forget to be awesome!

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