Weekly Running Progress Report

14 Jul

Or: Bi-weekly Weight Loss Progress Report, if you want to be technical.

Week 26, done! Since I last posted (Week 24), I’ve done 11.71 miles in 3 hours, bringing my total up to 154.18 miles in 45.421 hours. I lost 0.4 pounds to make my total 12.8 pounds lost. (Well, I lost 2 additional pounds, then promptly gained them back.)

I’ve been hella stressed the past few weeks, and it feels good to have running as an outlet for that stress. The endorphin kick doesn’t hurt, either. Now that I’m working toward a weight-loss goal and not a race goal, I’m much more relaxed about my daily runs. Not that I’m not pushing myself. I am. I’m just a little easier on myself, and don’t get disappointed with myself when I don’t hit my arbitrarily set goal. It’s about getting healthy and staying that way.

John Green said something the other day that, while not directly related to exercise and dieting, struck a chord with me. He said:

“You have to acknowledge that the thing you are about to do, even though there is nothing technically difficult about it, is extremely hard for you to do at this particular moment. You know that it is extremely hard because you have failed to do it on many previous occasions.

You don’t need to think about why it is so difficult; you just have to accept that it is difficult.


You have just done something really significant that was not easy for you. And in my experience, if you go through this process—acknowledging the difficulty, psyching yourself up, doing the thing—for a while, you will find that it gets easier and easier and the mental block gets easier to live with.” (source)

I’ve put this into practice, telling myself that it is really difficult for me to get up, put my workout clothes on, and get on the treadmill. Once I’m on the treadmill I’m fine, but it’s extremely difficult for me to get to that point. I acknowledge that it is difficult, then I do it anyway. When I’m standing on the treadmill, ready to hit the ‘Start’ button, I acknowledge that I have done a really difficult thing. I don’t analyze why it’s so difficult for me, or berate myself for having trouble with the most mundane of tasks. I give myself permission to have that particular issue, and go on about my life.

I can’t tell you how freeing that is.

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