I Will Not Feel Guilty

15 Sep

It doesn’t get said enough (or felt enough, for that matter):

Today was a good day.

I didn’t get to give blood like I planned (hooray mild anemia!), but I did get to go to the comic book store. I got to flirt with the guy behind the counter while picking up my copy of Masters Of The Universe #2. I got a great deal on a few trade paperbacks at a different comic book store, including a beautiful little French TPB by Nicolas Robel for $1. They were playing songs from Amanda Palmer’s latest album, Theatre Is Evil, over the loudspeakers. I had a great conversation about the efficiency of convention lay-out planning (got to use the word ‘Tetris’ as a verb) and the things we like and dislike about the Dallas conventions with the guy who is supposedly the crankiest guy in the Texas comics market. We decided that Reunion Arena would be the perfect place to hold the rapidly growing Dallas Comic Con. Too bad they razed a few years ago.

All in all, it was a really good day.

Many thanks to Dallas American Red Cross, Awesome Comics, and Zeus Comics.

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