Must be Tuesday…

08 Jan

You know that thing where I had a goal of posting here at least twice a week, once about running and once about anything else? Yeah, the thing I mentioned in this post from December 26th? It’s January 8th and I’ve already failed. Oops. Oh well. Better to try again than focus on the mistake, right? Right. So. Here you go, my attempt to not fail again.

I start a new book today. I’m kinda freaking out about it. See, I’m really great at starting books, but pretty terrible at finishing them. Which is probably why I’m not published yet. Anyway, I finished the outline yesterday, and I really like the way things lined up. The story isn’t deeply complex, nor is it ultra-simplistic. I think it’s in that happy medium of simple characters thrown into complex situations. We’ll see how this one goes. I have myself on a pretty rough schedule: 80000 words by February 1st. If I make it, fabulous. If I don’t, well, as long as I have first pass rewrites done by May 1st, I’ll still be on track. I know I can write 50000 words in 15 days, so 80000 in 24 shouldn’t be that much harder. Not to say it will be easy, just that it is doable.

What else is going on? You may have noticed the new page listed at the top right of the screen: “Currently…” Since I have so much stuff planned for this year, I wanted a place to keep track of everything I’ve done. The idea came from a discussion on Twitter about how many books the average person read in 2012 (it’s six, by the way). I have no idea how many books I read last year. I know it was more than six, but I couldn’t name them off the top of my head. If I didn’t know that, what else was I forgetting? With this page, I’ll have a running tally of what I’m reading, writing, running, weighing, and playing. I’m compiling it mostly for my benefit but if you want to follow along, that’s awesome.

There might be other changes coming in the next few weeks. I honestly don’t know yet. A girl usually cuts her hair when she’s looking for a change. I’m not cutting my hair, so I’ll play around with my website instead. Part of me likes the idea of not knowing what’s coming; another part of me is terrified. At very least it should be an interesting month.

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