Weekly Running Progress Report

20 Jan

(I have got to come up with a better title for these things. Suggestions?)

It’s been a pretty weird few weeks. I decided to repeat Week 6 way back on the 6th, fully intending to start Week 7 on the 13th. The morning of the 14th, my dad decided that I needed to help him remodel our bathroom. I spent the 14th, 15th, and 16th hip deep in drywall and plumbing fixtures. It was an adventure, of course, but it meant that I couldn’t start Week 7. (I’m sorry but no shower means no exercise because ew.)

Tomorrow I am finally starting Week 7. Woohoo! Despite the lack of treadmill time, I managed to lose a solid pound with the help of my mostly vegetarian diet. I’m now 31.8 pounds from my goal. If I keep going at this rate, I’ll hit my goal weight way before my self-imposed August deadline. So that’s awesome.

This week I only got through 5.64 miles on the treadmill. The coming weeks will have similar numbers as I slowly phase out walking and replace it with strength training. I decided it would make no difference if I can run a 10-minute mile when I can’t fit into my jeans, so it’s time to add some sit-ups and push-ups to the routine. Also, my knees will appreciate the change of pace.

That’s my week. Not too exciting I guess, but slow and steady wins the race right?

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