This Week in Running

02 Feb

What do you think about when you workout?

I think about all sorts of weird stuff. Anything to get my mind off the ticking clock, really. Today I thought about my characters – “If I take that out, then I won’t have that great foreshadowing. But, if I don’t foreshadow, maybe the impact of it will be that much more abrupt…” I thought about the guy I have a crush on – “If he can do so many miles, surely I can do a fraction of that.” I thought about my daughter, my dog, my friends and ex-lovers. I had completely random thoughts – “Something people don’t tell you about losing weight is you lose a lot less body wash and lotion.”

Yeah, I’ll think about almost anything to keep my mind off the minutes I have left to go.

This week was a lazy week. I just didn’t get off my rear and get the workouts done. I could use the book as an excuse (The first draft is done! Now for the edits!!), but why? In the end, it’s all on me. I have stayed on #TheWagon with only minor cravings, mostly for Throwback Mountain Dew. I’ve countered the cravings with tons of orange juice and water, and I’m almost used to the taste of sugarless coffee.

I managed to get 4.12 miles done, and am up to 27 push-ups (regular push-ups, not girly ones) a day. I may not be losing the weight like I want, but my arms and calves are going to look fabulous by the time convention season starts. Priorities, man. I got them.

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