I Never Know What To Title These Things

03 Apr

You know those times when you’re mad – just irrationally, passionately angry – and everything you interact with is effected? Like, you’re pissed off at something someone said, then you burn your lunch, which makes you even more mad. Then you get cut off on the highway, which makes you more mad. Then you drop your favorite mug and it shatters into a million pieces and you become some comic book rage monster?

Yeah, that’s today. I was acting silly and someone said something stupid and insensitive and it just set me off. Instead of going for a run or watching a movie, I started up a video game and proceeded to have one of the most frustrating boss battles I’ve ever encountered. I stopped for a cup of coffee and made a gigantic mess. I couldn’t get a website to load. I couldn’t get a DVD to play. It was just one thing after another.

But writing it out makes me see just how ridiculous all of it is. I’m going to eat my lunch and watch Colin Firth’s Darcy fall in love with Jennifer Ehle’s Lizzy and try to be in a better mood. Have a good day, y’all.

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