Holy Updates, Batguy!*

01 May

(*I seriously do not need to be sued by DC Comics.)

Well, it’s been a hell of a third of a year. I’ve made plans and broken them, then made new plans. I wrote a book. I stopped editing said book (well, not so much “stopped” as “paused”). I lost weight, then gained it back. I started a new adventure. I fell out of touch with old friends, and made new ones.

I’ve been reading A LOT. So far I’ve read ten books and am right now in the middle of three more. I’ve played hours of video games. I’ve walked or run almost 100 miles. I became a 32-year-old. My daughter became a 5-year-old. My nephew became a 1-year-old.

I’ve reached that point of the year where all my goals kinda get dropped to the side, not quite forgotten, but no longer priorities. I don’t want that to happen. I’m starting a 30-day exercise challenge, a 30-day writing challenge, and a 30-day life challenge. I need to get in the habit of exercising every day, and this was designed to do exactly that. (Side note: No, I have not quit running entirely. It is simply not a priority right now.) I write in a journal everyday, but the challenge will hopefully get me posting again. And the life challenge – there are several things in my personal life that need to change, and this is how I’m going to start dealing with them.

I’ve finally come to the conclusion that my life won’t change until I change it, and that there is no reason to be afraid of the changes I need to make. I’m still convincing myself that this is a good thing.

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