03 May

30-Day Writing Challenge
Day 3 – Your day, in great detail

4:40am – Alarm goes off
4:50am – Alarm goes off
5:00am – Alarm goes off
5:10am – Alarm goes off
5:20am – Alarm goes off
5:25am – REALLY LOUD ALARM goes off; get out of bed
5:26am – Go to the restroom; get on the scale
5:27am – Turn on computer; record weight; sigh
5:28am – Make coffee; start waking Bug up
5:30am – Drink coffee; make Bug’s lunch
5:45am – Check to see if Bug is up yet; drink coffee; check email
6:00am – Realize I’ve been checking social media for 15 minutes; panic
6:01am – Drink coffee; wake Bug up
6:03am – Argue with Bug about clothing
6:05am – Drink coffee to avoid frustration; let Bug pick out her own clothing
6:15am – Usher Bug into the bathroom; brush her teeth; style her hair
6:25am – Usher Bug to the car
6:27am – Wave to Bug and Mom as they drive off
6:30am – Coffee #2
6:35am – More social media/email
7:00am – Write in my journal; write a blog post
7:20am – Get distracted by social media
7:45am – Go back to writing
8:00am – Get distracted again
8:10am – More coffee in an attempt to stay focused
8:30am – Get distracted again
8:45am – Realize it’s almost 9am and I’m still not finished; chide myself
9:00am – Breakfast
9:10am – Check social media
9:30am – Research
11:00am – Exercise; shower; coffee
11:45am – Research
1:00pm – Lunch/YouTube break
1:20pm – Research
3:30pm – Household chores
4:00pm – Research
5:15pm – Hug my Bug when she gets home; talk to her about her day
5:16pm – Talk to Mom; start planning the next day
5:30pm – Fix Bug’s dinner
5:45pm – Fix my own dinner
6:00pm – Eat dinner; watch YouTube or
6:30pm – Play with Bug; get ready for the next day
8:00pm – Put Bug to bed
8:10pm – Put Bug back to bed
8:15pm – Watch; play video games; put Bug back to bed
9:00pm – Realize how tired I am; start getting ready for bed
10:30pm – Go to bed; read
11:15pm – Fall asleep reading

This would have looked a lot different 3 months ago.

It looks like I do a whole lot of nothing all day. I’m working, I swear! Also, I should probably be drinking less coffee and getting more sleep.

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