Pet Peeves

09 May

30-Day Writing Challenge
Day 9 – Pet peeves

I don’t really have a ton of “pet peeves”. I have things that annoy me for obsessive/compulsive reasons, but not to the point where I rage about it. I used to be a lot more sensitive to things, I suppose. Either that or I’m just in a really mellow mood. Right now, the things that really annoy me are: poor hygiene/manners (blowing your nose at the dinner table, coughing or sneezing without covering your mouth, leaving piss on the toilet seat, chewing with your mouth open); entertainment/celebrity gossip reported as news (I don’t give a fuck about Lindsey Lohan, and if I did, I wouldn’t go to CNN for information. Tell me about the crisis in the Sudan for fuck’s sake); blatant spelling or grammar errors in print (mistakes happen, but there is no excuse for its/it’s and their/there/they’re errors or comma splices in professional writing).

The pet peeve that has stuck with me the longest is the “Why can’t you just get over it and be happy?” response to my depression. People who think that’s an okay thing to say can go fuck themselves.

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