03 Jun

30-Day Writing Challenge
Day 3 – What kind of person attracts you?

I usually go for tall, intelligent, happy people. I have a thing for gingers that I don’t fully understand, which probably explains my attraction to Scots. A good sense of humor and quick wit. Self-reliance. I prefer geeks to athletes, but I’m smart enough to see the folly of blanket statements. I tend to be attracted to people who are all wrong for me, whose kind of crazy isn’t compatible with mine: firemen, musicians, artists, Marines. A little crazy is okay as long as it works well with my crazy. I prefer older people – I don’t deal well with people my own age.

I think overall I’m attracted to people who are attracted to me, who accept me as I am, who don’t put unrealistic expectations on me. That’s all I can ask for, really.

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Posted by on June 3, 2013 in Daily


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