Real Life vs. Internet Life

09 Jun

30-Day Writing Challenge
Day 9 – The difference between your personal and internet life

(The last few prompts in this challenge have been boring and depressing, so I decided to switch to a different set. Hopefully I’ll like these more.)

I like to think I’m similar in real life to my internet persona, but we all know that’s bull. I’m much more confident on the internet. I’m wittier, and a bit more sardonic. But that’s simply due to the fact that I have time to think of what to write, and to edit the hell out of it. I don’t have that kind of control over the things I say or do IRL. I’m funnier on the internet. I’m a relatively quiet, shy person away from the ‘net. However, since I started blogging, I’ve become more outgoing and am more willing to step out of my comfort zone in real life. I suppose putting myself out there in virtual space has made it easier to put myself out there in my daily life.

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Posted by on June 9, 2013 in Daily


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