28 Jun

30-Day Writing Challenge
Day 28 – Do you have any daily routines? Describe them.

During the school year, I have a pretty strict daily routine: alarm goes off at 5:25am; out of bed by 5:30am; fix a cup of coffee and my daughter’s lunch; start waking the kiddo up; drink the cup of coffee as quickly as possible while glancing at my email; wake up the kid by 6am; get her dressed, her hair and teeth brushed, her shoes on, and her backpack ready to walk out the door by 6:15am; scramble to get finished and get her in the car by 6:30am; fix a second cup of coffee and take a deep breath. As soon as she’s off to school, I sit down at my desk and start my day. I write two pages in my journal, then dick around on the internet for a bit. I work until the kiddo gets home from school. I take a break to play with her, then back to work until dinner. After dinner is time to relax with video game or a game stream before crashing for the night around 9pm. Sometimes I manage to fit some form of exercise in there. Most of the time I just forget to eat lunch.

In the summer my routine gets a little lax. I still get up pretty early, but only early enough to get a jump on the day before my daughter gets up. I try to get my journal pages done while she’s eating breakfast, then we head out to play outside. We stay out as long as we can, usually until lunchtime or until the mosquitoes and the heat drive us back inside. Then it’s nap time for her and catch-up time for me – I do as much work as I can before she gets up. On cool afternoons we play in the yard. Unfortunately, most of the afternoons are too hot and humid, so we have to play inside. When she finally goes to bed, I work until I crash somewhere around 10pm or 11pm. Sometimes I remember to exercise. Most of the time I convince myself that chasing around a 5-year-old is exercise enough.

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